Cosma Art Gallery


COSMA GALLERY is an international art gallery and online auction house. Our headquarters is located in Sopot. It is here that we plan to initiate numerous cultural events and organize physical exhibitions, inviting Polish and foreign artists to cooperate.

Our main goal is to develop cooperatioan between artists, cultural institutions, galleries and customers around the world. We are pioneers in creating a network of international connections between Polish artists and foreign agents and buyers. We would also like to offer Polish clients access to works by artists from all over the world.

We pursue our goal by participating in fairs, exhibitions and cultural events taking place in various places around the world, promoting Polish artists there and establishing international contacts with foreign partners. We want to develop bilateral cooperation with galleries and auction, located in a wide range of places all around the world.

An important element of our activities, aimed at promoting international artistic cooperation, will be online campaigns conducted on both Polish and foreign social media. As part of these campaigns, we will promote the artists associated with our portal.