Kategorie: Cosma Watch Pouch

 Watch Wrap is an elegant case designed and made in Europe .

Handmade from the highest quality Italian leather and suede provides its user with durability and softness.

This exquisite case will make you enjoy your watches for long years. 

It is ideal for keeping your watch in a safe environment at home, work place or during travelling.

After unfolding its inner side, which is made of suede, the pouch can become a pad and can be used for cleaning the watches or changing the straps.

The luxurious Watch Wrap is made with great caring of the details.

The stiffening pads enable flexibility and the side walls guarantee a well formed triangular shape when is rolled up.

The inserds allow the watch to be kept in a safe position and help putting watch in and out of the Wrap.

Two-phase strap tightnening adjustment with Italian high quality snap buttons.

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