The most amazing things are the outcome of dreams.
Our dream was to create unique items and it  became reality owing to the attention to details.
The beginnings of our company date back late XXth century, when during our studies we started
working in our family business. During years, both, the profile of the company and the products have been changing .
We were making our own collections, but at the same time designing jewellery and accessories for european producers.
We developed a line of accessories for a clothing corporation. We also made designs for a german
fitness business and  created a collection for scandinavian producer of watch accessories. 
Our another successfull acievement was introducing a european line for an american fashion designer in New York.  
Owing to the experience that we have gained throughout years and the creativity and the skills
of our team members we created Cosma Design. 
Our ambition is to introduce unique everyday objects on the global level.
Cosma Design Collection is both for people who cherish practical approach and style. We have created a luxurious line of products,
which enable to organise and care about personal items such as watches, jewellery, smartphones.
We give the possibility to make your space more luxurious and comfortable.